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Discover dedicated NodeJS professionals ready to join your team. Our role? To provide you with the finest talent, so you can focus on bringing your vision to life.

Handpicked Talent

Our rigorous vetting guarantees only the best NodeJS developers are presented to you.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Access premium NodeJS expertise without the premium price tag

Direct Management

Once you’ve chosen your developer, they’re yours to manage directly. We simply ensure the seamless connection.

NodeJS Developer Expertise Areas

Backend Development

Building scalable and efficient services using Node.js frameworks like Express.js, Koa.js, and NestJS.

Asynchronous Programming

Mastering asynchronous patterns in Node.js with callbacks, promises, and async/await for efficient non-blocking operations.

API Development

Designing secure, scalable, and maintainable RESTful and GraphQL APIs, with tools like JWT for authentication.

Performance Optimization

Using techniques like lazy loading, memoization, and virtualized lists to optimize React applications.

Performance Tuning & Scalability

Optimizing Node.js applications for peak performance, managing memory leaks, and scaling horizontally with tools like PM2.

Distinguishing Benefits

Tech-Driven Vetting

Beyond basic tests, our vetting process involves comprehensive technical evaluations and real-world problem-solving scenarios.

Specialized Matchmaking

Our algorithm analyzes project requirements to ensure a technical and cultural fit, maximizing team synergy.

Continuous Learning

We encourage our software developers to continually upgrade their skills, ensuring they stay at the forefront of tech innovations.

Dedicated Support

Our team offers ongoing support throughout the hiring process, ensuring smooth collaborations and quick conflict resolutions.

Febian K CEO

Their timezone sync strategy made working with their global engineers an absolute breeze. Despite the distance, the collaboration between our team and the engineers was seamless, thanks to Moldech's efficient communication and project management.

Sarah M CEO

I always found team building, especially remotely, to be a daunting task. But Moldech transformed that experience for me. Their unmatched expertise in crafting remote teams made me feel as if my team was right next door, even though we're miles apart.

Olivia K CEO

I had my reservations about remote hiring, fearing the loss of a personal connection. But Moldech changed my perspective. They didn't just help me find the right talent; they ensured we all shared the same vision and values. Remote hiring now feels like a breeze

Ethan L Founder

I've gotta hand it to Moldech. I was on the fence about the whole remote team thing, thinking it'd be a logistical nightmare. But these guys? They nailed it. Helped me pull together a rockstar team from all over, and it feels like we've been working side by side for years

Liam J Co-Founder

I've tried the whole remote hiring thing before, and it was always just... okay. But with Moldech? Game changer. They've got this intuitive knack for matching you with folks who just 'get' your vision. It's like they took the guesswork out of building a dream team.

Frequently Asked Questions

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We offer flexible packages to suit your requirements. While long-term contracts ensure stability, we also provide monthly plans for adaptability. Should you wish to make changes or terminate, we request a 30-day notice in compliance with employment laws

Absolutely! Depending on your needs, you can opt for an individual developer or scale up to a full team for comprehensive coverage.

Our software developers undergo rigorous interview processes, including coding assessments, to ensure we onboard only the best. We take the time to thoroughly understand your specific needs, ensuring we match you with the ideal developer for your project.

The process of onboarding our software developers mirrors that of integrating an in-house developer. While the primary responsibility lies with the client, we are committed to assisting in any way we can to ensure a smooth transition.

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Customer Support Executive

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